Wild Catch Seafood Direct from the Port to your Home

It all started with two buddies, back in the 1960s.

Both were fishmongers. Being entrepreneurs, both Mr. Lee Boon Cheow & Mr. Sim Chor Meng knew that to grow their business exponentially, they would have to be wholesalers. This started a partnership that would last a life time. Together they founded High Tide Frozen Food Pte Ltd and operated from two adjacent stalls in the Jurong Fisheries Wholesale Market.

Fast forward to 2019

High Tide Frozen Food Pte Ltd is now a well-established entity in the seafood wholesale market. With more than 50 years of experience, Mr. Lee & Mr. Sim have established long-lasting ties with their suppliers from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia & India. This enables us to offer high quality wild catch fish, prawns & squid to the Singapore market.

Chinese Pomfret (Chang Yu)

Also known as Dao Chio, in Teochew. Our Chinese pomfrets are sourced from Surabaya and are top-grade. High Tide Frozen Food has been supplying this delicacy to 5-star Chinese & Teochew restaurants for decades. The flesh is thick and the taste creamy.  

Balai Threadfin (Wu Yu)

Threadfin is popular for mums cooking for their babes and tots. Our threadfin are sourced from Indonesia (Karimun, Riau archipelago) and India (Arabian Sea). The flesh of this fish is fine and soft, with very few bones. When cooked in porridge, it imparts a uniquely sweet taste to the porridge, making it a favorite for young children.

Red Emperor Snapper (Hong Shi)

We are one of the key wholesalers for red emperor snapper (commonly known as red lion snapper) at the Jurong Fisheries. Our source is from Riau archipelago, which differentiates us from the competition. Our red emperor snapper is ideal for steaming.