Wild Catch Seafood Direct from the Port to your Home

Why Wild Catch

The uniqueness of our fish is that they are all “wild catch” and not farmed. Our wild catch fish are caught off the sea of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and also the Arabian Sea (India).  They are delivered to us chilled, by air and sea.

Farmed Fish

Quite a lot of fish that you find in the supermarket, such as Seabass, Red snapper and Salmon are farmed. It is rare to find wild salmon.  Farmed fish are not all that bad, it is only that they have been fed “fish food” which invariably contains growth hormones and antibiotics.  The omega-3 fatty acids present in farmed fish is also lower than in wild catch fish.

Wild Catch Fish

Wild catch fish available in Singapore are usually seawater fish rather than freshwater fish.  Their diet is natural, in that they eat what they can get from the sea. Many people do say that the sea is not very clean.  We do not dispute that; however, if the fish consumed toxic chemicals present in the seawater, they will die and will not get caught. Wild catch fish contains more omega-3 fatty acids than their “farmed” counter-parts.  In addition, wild catch fish taste better as they have a natural “sweetness”.